Monstro the Whale

During the development of Fantasyland, a Monstro the Whale ride starring the famous aquatic mammal from Pinocchio was proposed.  Guests in small boats would enter a cave, perhaps pass by a scenes from the movie with a spashing exit out the whales mouth. 

In this design, Montro has taken the place of Hook's pirate ship as the "weenie" in Fantasyland.  Casey's track winds along the back of the land.  You can almost sense these two attractions beginning to merge.

Of course, now we know Monstro as being then entrance rather than the exit to Storybook Land.  The only flaw with the final design is the fact that many children find going INTO a mouth full of teeth just too frightening.

Just what was Walt looking at in that previous post you ask?  Why, that would be Bruce Bushman's incredible caricature of Storybook Land.  Similar to the park maps that guide visitors around the park, this illustration was meant as a roadmap for the different sights one should expect to see in the new attraction.  

Canal boats full of Mickey-eared guests, two Casey Jr. trains full of smiling children, and a handcar with two rail workers traversing the quilt.   Wait... a handcar?

Where'd these guys come from?  Did the Casey Jr. railroad ever have a tiny handcar that ran around the tracks powered by a couple hickory striped cast members?