Toys for Tots Train

Ok, so what does Toys for Tots have to do with Casey Jr.?

In 1948, Walt Disney designed the first poster for Toys For Tots, including the trademark train logo still used today by the organization.

A few other posters were also designed that included Disney characters as well...  Although I'm not sure which train influenced the use of the other on the posters.  Was Casey used because it resembled the train logo, or is the logo derivative of Casey Jr.'s silhouette.  
I was pleased to see these poster images still in use today, at the Walt Disney Studio store on the Burbank lot.  
So next time you see the red Toys For Tots train, think of Walt and Casey helping out children in need.

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Never knew any of this, thank you so much for enlightening me :-)