The oldest plant in Disneyland

Great video from Disney Parks about the horticulture in Disneyland brings to light the fact that the oldest plant in Disneyland is a two foot tall pine tree in Geppetto's village.

Here's a wider view of Geppetto's village so you can see the tree's location in the foreground.

I've heard several stories about Walt himself planting one of the trees in Storybook Land. Its also my understanding that bonsai trees were not used because their in the 1950's placed them out of reach of the budget for the entire landscape. If this is a 150+ year old pine, then it was probably the only bonsai used and therefore could have been carefully planted by Walt.

The petrified tree stump may be the oldest attraction in Disneyland, but this little pine takes the prize for the oldest living attraction at the park.

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nick said...

Just found your site -- directed here from Daveland .. or GorillasDon'tBlog .. or Matterhorn. What a treat to browse through your earlier posts. I look forward to checking in from time to time to see what's "new" about Casey. I have always loved the way that this region had double-use as Casey's track and Storybook boats. NB age 69